Many people are expressing interest in participating directly in social justice movements, in the wake of their participation in the Women’s March and other actions in support of immigrants, women and communities of color. This is so wonderful! It has me thinking of this quote from Florynce Kennedy, “You can’t dump one cup of sugar into the ocean and expect to get syrup. If everybody sweetened her own cup of water, then things would begin to change.” It describes so well the work of building a better world, one that benefits everyone, and where everyone is safe and loved. We all have to do our small part to sweeten the water.

However, for so many of us, this may be the first time we have participated in multi-racial, intersectional coalitions working towards justice. I want us all to be as effective as we can be in these spaces, and to come into them armed with tools that will help us work across differences within them.

To that end, I created a series of mini-lessons, which represent a selection of things I wish I’d known before I sallied forth into movement spaces, full of energy and a desire to act. The topics are listed below. Each lesson is intended to be brief, and should function as an introduction to concepts that will hopefully spark further curiosity in all of us.

I facilitated a series of 30-minute workshops based on this material, and also sent out accompanying emails to a larger group. The emails are what I turned into the individual topic pages for this site, and include the resources used within each in-person workshop. The idea was for the information to be accessible whether or not a person can attend an in-person workshop. These pages can be used to build in-person trainings or to share as-is.

Workshop Sessions

  • Intersectionality
  • Exploring Our Identities
  • Settler Colonialism
  • Capitalism and Racial Equity
  • Respectability Politics
  • Examining Our Intentions
  • Inventorying Our Power
  • How to Navigate Movement Spaces
  • Where to Plug In
  • Building Resilience

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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