Lesson 3: Settler Colonialism

The theme of our third session was Settler Colonialism.

“One does not sell the land people walk on.”  – Crazy Horse, September 23, 1875

I believe that in order to work for a better world, we should know some foundational things about the world as it currently is. For us, here in the United States, that includes the fact of colonization and Native displacement. In order to help us better understand how these forces shape our current world, and our current racial attitudes, we watched a lecture by Dr. Patrick Wolfe entitled “Comparing Colonial and Racial Regimes.” Those of you who missed it can watch it here:


The first 35 minutes are the most useful, and I would recommend that those of you who were in the room today watch to at least that far before discussing with your partners.

This topic is vast, and complex. Here are some other interesting touch-points, by no means a complete picture:





I would also challenge you to find out more about whose land you’re on. What are their names? When did they live here? Did they leave or are they still here? What language do they speak? What are their stories?

The Minnesota Historical Society might be helpful in this search. Or perhaps the Minneapolis American Indian Center.


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